Children’s Centre Sessions

13179345_873504189445276_7172802878492168235_nIn addition to our sling library sessions at Madeleine’s home, we run monthly Sling Clinic at the Barnes and Mortlake Children’s Centre Baby and You session which takes place at 67b Lower Richmond Road.  The ssession is lovely welcoming group open to all parents with babies under 1 year and runs every Friday 9.30 to 10.45am, along side the midwife appointments.  Sling Clinic runs along side approximately once a month during term times and any one who’d like to learn more about baby carriers of all types, get help with an existing carrier or try something new are most welcome!

Carriers can be hired or purchased as normal from this session, although if you have a particular carrier in mind that you’d like to try, hire or even buy please do get in contact and let me know (  As I travel to these session I bring a range of different carriers of each type rather than the full collection (as 90 odd carriers is pretty cumbersome to carry!) so if you are looking to try specific brands or types letting me know in advance helps me ensure I’ve packed accordingly!

Upcoming dates are;

  • Friday 15th March, 9.30-10.45
  • Friday 12th April, 9.30-10.45
  • Friday 10th May, 9.30-10.45am
  • Friday 7th June, 9.30-10.45am
  • Friday 5th July, 9.30-10.45am


Please note that these sessions are run by me and are not funded by the Children’s Centre.  The Children’s Centre very very kindly allow me to use their venue for free and attend along side their groups for the benefit of the parents who attend the centres.  More info on how Sheen Slings is funded can be found here.