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Hard to beat on longevity and value for money the Manduca XT is incrediably well designed and well made.  This highly adjustable carrier is soft yet sturdy and works brilliantly from just 4 weeks old all the way to 4 years!  Not to mention that it has the magic ability to fit parents of all shapes and sizes - easily and simply adjusting to fit super-petite and plus-sized parents alike.  And everyone in between.  Making it a perfect choice for families of all shapes and sizes looking to invest in something that will grow with their family and just last and last for as long as they need it.


What's really wonderful about the Manduca XT is how adjustable it is - for both the parent and child.

For the child this carrier adjust in both height and width - allowing it to grow with them from just 4 weeks all the way to 4 years!  Or certainly for as long as you could possibly want to carry for.  While there are other carriers that do offer this level of adjustability what is different about the Manduca is how it adjusts.  Most other carriers simply squish which means the panel ends up really really bulky when the carrier is on a smaller setting and the result it is doesn't feel as great on a younger child.  Instead the Manduca XT is cleverly designed so that there is no bulk even on the smallest setting, but it literally couldn't be easier to adjust.  There are simply little sections that slide along the waistband allowing the carrier to be simply and smoothly adjusted from just 20cm wide to 50 cm wide.  Allowing you to adjust it tiny bit by tiny bit as your baby grows, giving a perfect fit all the way from newborn to older toddler.

It also adapts to different developmental ages and stages too.  The height of carrier adjusts from 30cm to 42cm which is helpful not only as baby grows but also as they become more inquisitive!  Many babies like having their arms out of the carrier when they are awake, but need to have their arms in and neck supported while sleeping.  The Manduca XT excells and accomodating this by having a system for adjusting the height that can be easily done while baby is in the carrier without taking them out and without any faff!  Additionally, it offers 3 different carrying positions - front, hip and a back carry - allowing baby different persectives as they grow and develop.

For the parent - the adjustability in fit is unparrelleled.  This carrier is really designed with parents sharing in mind.  It has very soft mouldable padded shoulder straps that can be worn either crossed or rucksack style across the parents back and feature 3 points of adjustment.  Which means it is easy to adjust this carrier between parents of very different sizes and gives an absolutely brilliant fit to super petite parents and plus sized parents and everyone in between.  The waistband is shaped to fit both female and male bodies and wider at the front where baby's weight is in order to provide more support and counterbalance where you need it most without having unnessicary bulk at your sides.  The result is a really supportive carrier that offers long-lasting comfort for parents of all shapes and sizes.

All this adjustability and comfort plus the carrier is made from soft 100% organic cotton drill that feels great next to newborn skin while being sturdy enough to endure frequent washing to last through several children and years and years and years of use.

Key Features;

  • Weight tested from 3.2 kg (7 lb) to 20 kg (45 lb)
  • Realistically fits babies all the way from approximately 4 weeks old to 4 years of age
  • Made from strong yet strokably soft 100% Organic cotton canvas fabric that hugs around you and baby
  • Offers 3 carrying positions (Front inward facing, Hip and Back carry)
  • Carrier width adjusts very simply with no fiddly bits and no inserts, allowing this carrier to seamlessly grow with your baby
  • Carrier height also adjusts via a clever zipped panel and can be easily adjusted without taking the carrier off
  • Integrated roll-away hood for privacy and sun protection.  Hood while rolled away also doubles as neck support for newborns
  • Bucket shaped panel and soft padding at the legs ensures baby sits in a comfortable, hip healthy position with the bum lower than the knees.
  • Fits an extremely wide range of parent shapes and sizes.  Men and women, super petite to plus size and everything in between.
  • Goldilocks "just the right amount" of padding on the waistband and shoulder straps ensure that the Manduca XT is comfortable and supportive without feeling bulky.
  • Designed with parents sharing in mind, the straps can be worn crossed or rucksack style across parents back and feature multiple points of adjustment allowing this carrier to be easily adjusted back and forth between wearers of different sizes.
  • Likewise the shaped waistband is countoured to fit both men's and women's bodies - ensuring long-lasting comfort for both parents.  While the safety buckle at the waist adds extra security and peace of mind
  • Machine washable (30 degrees, line dry)
  • Meets Safety Standard CEN/TR 16512:2015

You can see our full review of the Manduca XT here.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 34 × 22 × 13 cm

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