Mini Monkey Mini Sling


Super fast and easy to use, the Mini Monkey Mini Sling is one of the absolutely smallest and lightest carriers out there.  Made from soft, breathable, ultra cool mesh - this carrier is designed to simply pop over your head and tighten in jiffy.  Adjusting to fit baby all the way from newborn through to toddler.  Perfect for around the house, quick trips out, on the beach or even as a just in case sling hiding in your back pocket!


Designed for when you need something fast and super simple to put on, the Mini Monkey simply slips over your head and then tightens around you and baby with one simple strap.  It is incredibly intutive and easy to use.

Made from a silky soft, cool to the touch, lightweight polyester mesh - it is also one of the absolutely lightest and tiniest carriers around.  Weighing in at just 187g and folding up into a intergrated pocket to form a neat little package only just bigger than a mobile phone.

For any one worried about over heating in the summer, the combination of the light weight mesh material and the fact that this sling covers only 1 shoulder, means this is the coolest to wear sling I have ever tried.  It is also water safe (not weakened by getting wet) and fast drying - which means you can use it to splash around at the pool, on the beach, even in the shower!

Key Features

  • Weight tested from birth to 15 kg (33lb)
  • Realistically fits babies from just 4-6 weeks old until approximately 2 years
  • Offers front and hip carrying positions
  • Simple slip on and tighten design makes it very fast, easy and inutitive to use.
  • Adjusts to fit a wide range of parent shapes and sizes from super petite to plus size, adjusting easily via a single strap
  • Wide, fanable, single shoulder strap for comfortable weight distribution
  • Safety loop ensures even the wiggliest of babies will feel secure and comfortable
  • Lightweight polyster mesh fabric is breathable, cool to the touch and won't overheat you or baby
  • Fast drying and can be used in and around water
  • Compact, tidies away into an intergrated pocket for easy storage

You can read our full review of the Mini Monkey Mini Sling here

Additional information

Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 9 cm

Black, Grey, Light Green, Yellow, Sand, Blue


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