“Thank you for your advice, support and kindness in helping us select slings for our little girl over the last few months.  You gave me the confidence to use a sling post-cesarean which I am in no double helped baby and I bond after a tricky time in hospital. You helped my husband tie his very own ‘stretchy sling’ which he and baby have loved using and enabling me to get some sleep!  We are so pleased with our Beco 8, a sling I’m not sure I would have come across without your help.  Thank you!” – Anna

“Thank you for all your time and guidance in helping us to find the right sling.  My daughter loves the Ergo and before that the Caboo and we love having the confidence that we found the right fit for her – Emma

“Thank you so much for your help this morning. I can’t emphasise how pleased I am.” – Melanie

“Madeleine was so helpful when I needed advice about slings for carrying my son. She replied quickly to my emails and answered any number of questions and then spent a long time showing us both how to use the Kari Me (which we already had) and the Ergo that I was trialling. As a result of her help we both carry our son a lot and my partner reckons that the carrier has been our best purchase. Would recommend Madeleine to anyone who needs help and advice on anything to do with slings and carriers.” – Pheobe

“Wrapping with Madeleine was so much easier than I’d expected – and this is a really wriggly baby….we use a carrier a lot, but wrap cuddles were amazing.”  – Lucy

“Madeleine is full of energy and enthusiasm not to mention a wealth of knowledge about how best to carry your baby. She really helps demystify the options for you, helping you to choose the right sling for you and to be confident about doing so.” – Sophie

“Thanks again for the comprehensive session.  I think what really helped is your really helped me in narrowing down what types of slings were likely to have the best fit for my needs at the moment – the amount of information online and elsewhere can be overwhelming.  That and being walked through how to master the ring sling and be confident I’d be able to handle it on my own, as well as knowing I can always ask a quick question later if need to.” – Rachel

 Sheen Slings was also featured in this amazing article by local mum and baby photographer Andisheh Thomson (local mum and baby photographer) as one of the women you should if your pregnant in South West London https://www.familyphotographybyandisheh.com/pregnant-women-you-should-know