20140813_145625Sheen Slings is a baby carrier library and consultancy providing expert helpful and impartial advice to help you find and fit the best baby carrier or sling for you and your little ones needs.

A comfortable carrier can make all the difference - giving you back your hands whilst baby sleeps on you, helping to soothe colicky episodes, the freedom of buggy-free travel while traversing London or on a Sunday hike, as well as just making the most of those snuggles as your baby grows!

But the key is finding the right one for you!  And getting the right advice to ensure you get the most out of it.

That's where Sheen Slings comes in!  Run from Madeleine's home and local children's centres we offer:

  • Online Shop offering a carefully curated range of baby carriers and accessories.  We only stock carriers that are tried and tested and that we know work brilliantly for a wide range of parents and babies.  Free 20 minute online video fittings are offered with every carrier purchase.
  • Private consultations for bespoke, personal face to face advice and support in your home or mine.  Booked in advance for any mutually agreeable time weekdays or weekends.
  • Online consultations for bespoke advice and support no matter where you are based.
  • Sling Clinic - free, friendly informal Sling Library sessions based in local Children's Centers providing each family with roughly 10 minutes help and support in a group setting.
  • Sling Hire - to try before you buy or to borrow something specific for a holiday or event. Browse the full collection and arrange your hire directly through the website here.  Discounts in our online shop are available to those who have hired from us first!

So please explore our website, book a consult, book onto a Sling Clinic or simply get in touch and let us take all the guesswork out of choosing and using slings and carrier.