Online Consultations

An online video consultation can be a great option for anyone who is;

  • unable to get to a local babywearing consultant or sling library
  • unsure on how to use their sling or carrier correctly
  • experiencing pain or discomfort when using their carrier
  • looking to learn about different baby carriers, wanting an overview of options and an opportunity to ask all their questions

It is worth noting that a video consult cannot substitute for actually trying a carrier on.  Baby carriers fit a bit like jeans - different brands fit different people.  So while I can discuss your needs and what brands are most likely to suit your family's requirements via video call, I can not tell you for certain whether it will give you a good fit without physically seeing it on you. If you are looking to purchase a new carrier or sling, I highly recommend in-person support (i.e by booking a private consultation or coming along to a Sling Clinic session) if at all possible.  If it is not possible, a video consult can be useful to discuss options before arranging to hire via post, or to ensure your confident using a testing out a hired sling one it arrives.  In general, however, video consults work much better for people who already have a sling or carrier that they would like help with.  Or for expectant parents new to babywearing looking for an introduction to different carrier types and wishing to understand more about their pros and cons so they can be prepared for once baby arrives.

The how, when and cost

Our video consultations take place on Zoom, or What'sApp and can be arranged for any mutually agreeable time - weekends, weekdays during school hours or evenings after 7.30pm.

Cost is £10 per 15 minutes and you simply pay for the time you needed after your video consult.  As a guide, troubleshooting a clients own carrier typically takes around 20-30 minutes depending on confidence level, while a video consult for new or expectant parents exploring their options typically lasts around 1 hour.

How to book

To book, or express an interest in booking, simply use the booking form below or email me at

Please do include age of your little one or when you are due.  As well as details of any thing you'd like to see or discuss and any slings or carriers you currently own and would like help with.  If you are not based in the UK please also include your timezone so I can offer times times that suit where you are.

After your video consult

If you'd like to hire any of the carriers discussed to try them on properly road test before purchasing, please do let me know.  Hires can be posted on request to anywhere in the UK and discounts are available to those who hire first.  You can also purchase carriers and accessories from us via our online shop (worldwide shipping available).

After your session follow up via email is free, so there is no need to worry if forget to ask something during your video call.

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