Sling Clinic

Please note that our drop in, group Sling Clinic sessions are currently suspended due to the Covid19 outbreak.  We are now offering private one-to-one consultations in my garden (or in location of your choice), as well as online video consultations via Zoom.  As well as social distancing friendly hires (via post or doorstep collection), simply contact us here to arrange.  We are currently awaiting the re-opening of the Children’s Centres before we restart Sling Clinic sessions, currently we are hoping these will restart in October but this will of course depend on how guidelines evolve. 

Our low cost, friendly, drop in Sling Clinic sessions are perfect for anyone who;

  • Has some idea of what they would like to try
  • Would like to see, try on and compare a couple of different brands
  • Would like to hire a carrier
  • Has a carrier already that they would like help with
  • Has specific questions they’d like to ask
  • Enjoys learning and trying on a group setting with a mix of different, ages and stages

These sessions can be busy!  One-to-one help is often limited to 10 minutes per family.  If you find busy, mixed group environments difficult to learn in, you might find these sessions tough may find a private consultation more suited to your needs.  Likewise if you are totally new to Babywearing, would like to explore different types of carriers for different situations or have been fortunate enough to have been gifted several carriers that you would like help with – you will likely find that you will get much more out of a private consult or online consult where we will really be able to focus in depth on you.  As a guide, 10 minutes is usually enough time from me to demo and help you try 1 carrier type.  You are welcome to then try other brands of the same type of carrier while I help others.  I will usually leave families with a small pile I feel most valuable for them to try following seen them in the first one.  

The How, Where and Cost

We run currently 3 Sling Clinic sessions per month, at the Barnes Children’s Centre, the Kingston Town Children’s Centre and at Madeleine’s home respectively.

For the Children’s centre sessions there is no need to book.  These sessions are pure drop in and everyone is seen on a first come first served basis or whatever works best with sleeping and feeding babies, and you’re welcome join in and chat to other parents while you wait. Cost is a suggested donation of £2. 

For the Saturday sessions at Madeleine’s home booking is essential.  Cost is £5 for a 15 minute slot.  On the day please do try to arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure you have time to get you and your baby comfortable to ensure you can maximise your 15 minute slot.  Book your preferred slot here

Schedule Appointment

Dates, Times and Addresses of Upcoming sessions

  • Dates will be posted here once our venues reopen and we are confident we can minimise risks and conduct these sessions in line with guidance.  Latest information is that the Children’s Centres we run in are hoping to reopen mid-late September and are hoping to bring back Sling library sometime October/November.  However, this is a rough estimate and dependent on guidelines and local restrictions.  

If you don’t see a date and time that works for you, please note we offer private consultations and online consultations at any mutually agreeable time weekends or weekdays.  New dates are arranged on a termly basis, so please do check back regularly if you are looking for dates further ahead.

Good to know before you come:

While there are currently over 90 carriers in the library collection – it is usually only possible to transport around 25-30 carriers to the Children’s Centre sessions.  So if you are coming to try a particular carrier or would like to buy something, please do drop me a quick email in advance to to ensure I pack accordingly.