Sling Clinic

Our low cost, friendly, Sling Clinic sessions are perfect for anyone who;

  • Has some idea of what they would like to try
  • Would like to see, try on and compare a couple of different brands
  • Would like to hire a carrier
  • Has a carrier already that they would like help with
  • Has specific questions they’d like to ask
  • Are happy learning in a busy small group format

These sessions run in a small group format with no more than 6 families present at a time.  Sessions last 45-60 minutes and we pack alot into a short amount of time so please do try to come for the whole session if you can to ensure you get the most out of it!  Families with similar needs will be grouped to maximise the time you have to try, explore and receive personalised help and advice.  You are welcome to bring along carriers you already own and try anything in the library collection.  Booking is essential and details provided on the booking form (below) will help me ensure I have a good selection of slings and carriers available on the day that meet your needs.

These sessions work best for those who are happy learning in a group format, who like to see and learn from others.  Each family will have time to be shown or helped with 1-2 things (either a carrier they already own, something from the collection or a specific questions or two).  If you find learning in a small group enviroment challenging, or if you totally new to Babywearing and would like to explore different types of carriers for different situations, or have been fortunate enough to have been gifted several carriers that you would like help with it is unlikely we will have enough time during one session.  If this is you – you would likely benefit from booking a private consultation or online consultation instead,  where we will be able to spend much more time and really be able to focus in depth on you and your babies needs.  


The How, Where, When and Cost

We run currently 2 Sling Clinic sessions per month at;

  • Kingston Town Children’s Centre;  40 Villiers Road, Kingston, KT1 3AR.  Session is free to attend, donations are appreciated.  The sessions are split into two seperate 45 minute sessions of upto 6 families each with 15 minutes between the two sessions for cleaning.
        • 10-10.45am and 11-11.45am Monday 15th November
        • 10-10.45am and 11-11.45am Monday 13th December
  • Barnes Children’s Centre; 67B Lower Richmond Rd, Mortlake, London SW14 7HJ.  Session is free to attend, donations are appreciated.  The session runs a single 60 minute session for upto 6 families.
        • 10-11am Wednesday 10th November
        • 10-11am Wednesday 8th December

Booking is essential.  Numbers are limited to 6 families at each session, please use the form at the bottom of this page to book for your prefered date and venue.  For Barnes there is a single session for each of the dates above, while for Kingston there is a 10am and an 11am session.  Please indicate on the form below if you have a preference for 10am verses 11am.  I will do my best to honour your preference, however, I may ask if it is possible for you to come to the earlier or later session if I think there is another family or families with similar needs to you that it will work well for both of you to be paired up with.  

Please note that because sessions are limited to just 6 families I will be operating a waiting list, so if your plans change and you are no longer able to attend please do get in touch to cancel your booking.  Even if it is short notice, please either cancel or drop us a quick email to so I can inform any families on the waiting list.   


If you don’t see a date, time and location that works for you, please note I offer private consultations and online consultations at ANY mutually agreeable time – weekends or weekdays.  I also offer both postal hires and doorstep collection hires, so if you already know what you’d like to try you can hire without attending a session.  New dates are arranged on a termly basis, so please do check back regularly if you are looking for dates further ahead.


While there are currently over 90 carriers in the library collection – it is usually only possible to transport around 25-30 carriers to the Children’s Centre sessions.  So if you are coming to try a particular carrier or would like to buy something please do put this on the booking form below or email me to ensure I pack accordingly.   Finally if you would like to understand how these sessions are funded please read this.  These sessions are free to attend.  The Children’s Centres kindly make the venue availabile at no cost to Sheen Slings and Madeleine receives no independent funding to be there but donates her time for these sessions.  You are welcome to make a donation if you would like to to Sheen Slings using the Buy Me A Coffee link on this page, or in person at the session. 


Booking Form