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One of the biggest barriers to carrying can be confidence.  Not being sure you are using your sling or carrier correctly, being unsure if baby positioning is optimal, feeling uncomfortable, feeling worried your baby isn't uncomfortable, feeling pressure on your back.  Not being sure what the best option for you is, feeling overwhelmed by all the choice and all the different types.

This is where Sheen Slings comes in.  I offer a range of different services all aimed a making baby carrying as simple as possible.  At ensuring you leave completely confident in how to use whatever carrier you choose.  Whether that's a carrier you already own or a carrier your hire or buy from us.  Because ultimately HOW you use a carrier, is just as important that WHAT carrier you have, if not more so.   And tiny differences in how a carrier is put on, tiny tweaks in how you use it can make all the difference between loving and hating it.

To this aim I offer;

  • Private Consultationsthe absolute best option for bespoke, personalised face to face advice, support, teaching and recommendations.  Consultations can take place in my home or yours and can be booked in advance for any mutually agreeable time weekdays or weekends.  
  • Online Consultations - fabulous for help with your own carriers or slings, or bespoke advice and support no matter where you are based.
  • Sling Clinics - low cost group sessions perfect for those looking for friendly, informal support with slings and carriers.  Great for quick questions or those looking for inspiration.
  • Workshops - perfect for groups of likeminded parents.
  • Carrier Hire - fabulous for those looking to try before you buy or to borrow something specific for a holiday or event.  
  • Gift Vouchers - spread the babywearing love by gifting a consultation, or money towards a carrier to loved one or friend. 
  • Retail of a carefully curated collection of excellent slings, carriers and accessories.  All slings and carriers purchased through me come with a free 20 minute online fit check to ensure you are completely confident using your new carrier

Please click through the links to learn more about each, who they work best for and how to book! 

Our sister organisation Tea, Cake and Parenting also offers a Nappy Library and Nappy Hire service.  

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