Carrier Reviews

There are a huge range of different carriers on the market.  Each aimed at different needs and each suiting some body shapes and sizes better than others.  While nothing will substitute for actually trying a carrier on (check our services for info on how to do this), carrier reviews and comparisons can be useful in helping you narrow down which carriers to try.  Helping you narrow the confusing array of options down to those that have the features that meet with your requirements and then trying just those options.

Here are my reviews, based on my experience as a Babywearing Consultant and observing how these carriers work for a huge number of families.  Please click on the name of the carrier to access the review, reviews are ordered by carrier type - Buckles, Stretchy wraps and hybrids, Ring Slings, Woven wraps, Meh Dai and other Asian style carriers.  Then last but not least I have accessory reviews at the bottom.

If you find these reviews helpful in your baby carrying journal and would like to contribute you are welcome to do so here.

I do welcome requests - so if there is a particular carrier or sling you'd like me to review or just to hear my thoughts on please do get in contact. Plus I do add reviews frequently so do check back here periodically and/or subscribe to our news and reviews page or my YouTube Channel for the latest updates.

Links to purchase below are either to my own webshop or Amazon affiliate links. The affliliate links do earn me a small commission (at no extra cost to you) and this commission does help me, and helps ensure all these reviews and all my tutorials stay free, independent and accessable for all those that need them.

Buckle Carriers

Stretchy Wraps and Hybrids

See 16 different stretchy wraps compared here and Full tutorials showing 11 ways to tie a stretchy wrap here.

Ring Slings and Pouches

Woven Wraps

Meh Dai, Half Buckle and other Asian style carriers


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