Lifft Stretchy Wrap Review

FB_IMG_1488654953551This is fast becoming a favourite.  Released in December last year, the Lifft Stretchy is pretty new to the market and I first tried one at the Northern Sling Exhibition earlier this year.  As I already had 7 different brands of stretchy wraps in the library, a new stretchy wrap definitely wasn't on my shopping list for the day...  However, before the exhibition Alex from Lifft had been in contact and I'd promised I'd try it.  I was pretty certain, I'd try it, shrug and decide it wasn't significantly different from those already in my library, make polite comments and then be off on my merry way.  Nope, wrong,... I immediately absolutely loved it and bought one for the library on the spot.

So what makes it so great and a worthy addition to the library?

  • 20170304_122240It is very easy to tie and use.  It has both lovely stretch and great elasticity so it is very easy to pop baby in and out without worrying about baby slumping over time.
  • It is thin.   Not as thin feeling as the bamboo or tencel blend stretchy wraps, but the thinnest of the cotton stretchy wraps I've tried.  As the standard stretchy wrap carry involves three layers over baby, its important to consider warmth and season!  The Lifft wrap is one that I feel would work well all year round even in summer (maybe not on the hottest of days, but fine for the vast majority of the british summer.
  • It is very supportive.  Support, and thus how long the stretchy wrap will last you before you start to feel like your baby is getting to heavy and/or wriggly is a tricky one!  Often more supportive wraps are the ones that are less easy to tie or they are considerably thicker and thus warmer to wear.  I love the Lifft because it bucks this tread, it is thin and easy to use and yet it is still very supportive and will last you longer than many other brands.
  • Price point.  At £35 direct from Lifft, its a fair bit cheaper than a number of comparable brands - and that's always nice!

My one slight nit picky con with this wrap is I find it a bit narrower than I'd like in an ideal world.  That said, my husband finds narrower wraps easier as he is less likely to get tangled or twisted!!  But I like enough width to be able to pull the centre pass up to my babies neck and then down to cover their feet (as Rachel is always kicking her socks off!).  I can *just* about manage this with the Lifft, but its not as easy as compared to other wraps that are say just a couple of cm wider.  But this isn't a deal breaker at all and I'd still reach for this with any newborn for all the reasons above.

To read more about how the Lifft wrap compares to the other 7 stretchy wraps in the library (and to see a truly giant table) please click here.  You can find these on Amazon here or from Lifft direct.  


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