Boba Bamboo Wrap Review

You can’t beat Bamboo viscose on softness.  It’s just such a strokeably soft material, and a perfect choice for a baby carrier designed for newborns.  So I was delighted to test the new Boba Bamboo wrap.

20180219_171014The first thing that struck me was that the Bamboo wrap shares all the stuff I love about the standard (cotton) wrap:

  • Beautiful 2 way stretch which makes it very easy to tie
  • Different textured sides – smooth on one side and french terry toweling on the other side meaning that its easy to tell if you’ve twisted the wrap
  • Perfect width and fairly long length so one size fits pretty much everyone

But adds on top of this all the advantages of Bamboo;

  • Supreme softness
  • Thermo-regulation, which means that it feels light and cool in the summer but will still keep you warm in the winter.
  • Natural UV filter
  • Anti-microbial properties, which is always helpful in something that will get a certain level of baby possits and even the odd poo-plosion!

All of which makes the Boba Bamboo wrap a wonderful choice for an expectant parent or newborn.  It’s not the absolute lightest material, I would say its more of a medium weight wrap rather than light weight, but the bamboo means you wouldn’t get overly hot at anytime of year.

Where this wrap shines is definitely for the newborn period, its so soft and easy to tie, perfect for someone who hasn’t ever used a wrap before etc.  But I wouldn’t recommend it for an older baby.

This wrap is very stretchy, and its this stretch that makes it so easy to use.  Its so stretchy that its almost impossible to tie too tightly.  But it is possible to tie it too loose!!  For a new baby where they don’t stretch the wrap out too much it has a very wide window of tolerance in terms of how tightly or loosely you tie it … which is exactly why it is so easy to learn.  But as baby grows, they become more wiggly and their weight increases (i.e. from about 4-6 months onward) this wrap becomes less supportive as it becomes increasingly difficult to tie tightly enough to be as supportive.

20180220_153947However, as most parents feel ready to move on from a stretchy wrap around 4 months anyway, I wouldn’t really consider this a huge disadvantage.  Yes, it didn’t work well for Rachel at 15 months but I wouldn’t usually carry her in a stretchy wrap at this age anyway.  This wrap is absolutely perfect for the newborn to 4-6 month period.  But if I was expecting a high birth weight baby or was wanting to continue using a stretchy wrap for longer, then I’d choose something with a little less stretch that would be more supportive of an older baby.  More about how this wrap compares to others can be seen in our comparison article.

All in all, the Boba Bamboo wrap is perfect for anyone looking for a supersoft, easy to use newborn suitable wrap that will work year round.  They cost £48 and are available from Slumber Roo.



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