Sheen Slings at Twickenham Green Breastfeeding Drop in on Tuesday 13th September

Wearing your baby can help support feeding your little one - prolonged skin to skin contact helps increase Oxytocin production stimulating milk production.  Likewise wearing them after feeds (whether breast or bottle) helps keep them upright and avoid discomfort of colic or reflux.


For anyone struggling with feeding at all, I'd highly recommend finding a lactation consultant and/or visiting a drop in.  Timely help can make such a difference!  Feeding - whether by breast or bottle can seem really anti-intuitive and down right tough in those early days without help.  One of the things I am doing to prepare for having a baby second time around is making a list of local breastfeeding drop ins near me, ordered by day, and keeping the number of a lactation consultant I trust to hand!

Liz Lambourn and Geraldine Chew are both great consultants in our area, and run an amazing drop in at the United Reform Church on Twickenham Green TW2 on Tuesday afternoons 1.00-3.00.

On Tuesday 13th September I will be joining the drop in to give a short introduction to different types of baby carriers, answer questions and give parents the chance to try some different options out.  Please do join us there, or pass details to a new parent you think this would help!


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