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I love stretchy wraps for the newborn stage, they are so snuggley, soft and comforting during that 4th trimester period. And of all the stretchy wraps I have ever tried, the organic Hana Baby Wrap is one of my absolute favourites.  I hadn't heard of it when my son Tom was born but it was the one I bought for my sister-in-law when my beautiful niece was born and its the one I plan to use with my daughter due in a few months. And of all the different brands in my library it is the one that hires out the most and that I sell the most of too.

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The sceptical among you are probably thinking yeah but that's because it's one of your favourites and this biases people toward them … and maybe this is a factor... but usually when a parent asks for a stretchy I simply pass them a pile of 4 or 5 different brands and almost always the parent in question runs their hands over each and pulls out the Hana. That's because the Hana is sumptuously soft and light. It stands out to parents because unlike the majority of stretchy wraps which are made from cotton, the Hana wrap is made predominately from Bamboo (68% Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton and 4% Elastane to be precise).

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Bamboo is a thermo-regulating material so it feels light and cool in summer but will still keep you warm in winter. Parents are often understandably worried about babies (and themselves!) overheating in the 3 layers of material in a stretchy carry, so choosing a lightweight wrap such as the Hana can be a really help prevent everyone getting too hot whatever the season. Bamboo also has natural anti-microbial properties and is machine washable so absolutely no need to worry about the inevitable poo-plosions or baby sick.

In addition to feeling lovely, this wrap is one of the easiest to use because its both very stretchy and has a good level of elasticity. It is a two-way stretchy which simply means it has both length-wise and width-wise stretch and this means there is quite a wide 'window' or tolerance zone between tying too tightly or too loosely which makes learning how to tie much easier than other stretchy wraps with a smaller window. The elasticity simply refers to the ability of the wrap to spring back and not just stretch out and sag, and consequently makes this wrap pretty supportive and strong as baby grows. That said while I feel this wrap would happily support bigger babies, I do find a lot of babies 'grow' out of stretchy wraps more developmentally than physically. Many parents, myself included find them worth their weight in gold for the 4th trimester period, while others are put off by the idea of buying something that will have a relatively limited lifespan. If you fall into this camp – I do offer long term hires on stretchy wraps which can prevent you ever needing to buy one yourself.

The Hana Baby Organic Stretchy wrap costs £41.99 for the short size (suitable for anyone dress size 14 or below, or anyone looking for a shorter wrap to have less fabric to deal with), or £43.99 for regular size and they can be found on Amazon here.


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