Bottle feeding in slings…

I posted the other week about how a good baby carrier can help support breastfeeding and I get asked about breastfeeding in sling pretty regularly, but the benefits of carrying your baby really aren’t limited to breastfed babies.  Far from it!  I was reminded of this on Monday when I had a lovely family visit me for a private consult.

It was an evening consult, so both Mum and Dad could attend and Baby was understandably a bit tired, cranky and hungry.  Mid-trying on a ring sling, Mum simply loosened the carrier off a bit, sat down and while gently supporting Baby’s head gave her her bottle feed while still in the sling.  The sling really helped take the pressure off Mum’s shoulders supporting the weight of her daughter while still allowing her the freedom to respond to her baby’s cues and feed her as she would normally.  Baby then really settled, Mum stood up, tightened up the sling and her daughter who apparently normally has trouble sleeping feel straight to sleep!

It was simply lovely to see, to see this mum quite naturally adapt use of a sling that she’d never tried before to respond to her little ones cues.  For me this is what baby wearing is about – having the right tool to really help you look after your child.

For more about the mechanics of feeding in a sling, by breast or bottle, please see this excellent article written by Rosie Knowles GP of Sheffield Sling Surgery.

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