ts-logoIn case your wondering why its been a bit quiet on the review front – the last couple of months I have been working toward my Certification Level with the Trageschule, which I passed last weekend … to become a Trageschule Certified Babywearing Consultant.

The Trageschule divide their training into 3 Levels – Foundation, Advanced and Certification.  The Foundation level concentrates on teaching you the fundamentals of becoming a babywearing instructor and focuses on one-on-one teaching.  The Advanced level broadens this to include teaching workshops, groups and includes a large component focusing on special needs situations where either parent or baby has additional needs.  I undertook the Foundation back in April 2015, and Advanced in August 2015.

The Certification course focuses more a large amount of coursework combined with the participants teaching each other during the course, each making presentations and teaching carries and receiving very detailed feedback to ensure we are all up to scratch and to allow us to learn from each other and really broaden our knowledge base and experience.  Relatively few Trageschule consultants go on to take the Certification Level, many simply choose to stop after the Foundation or Advanced Levels.  I am really glad I did take the final level, everyone one the course has run a sling library and consultancy for at least a year and it was a great opportunity to really learn from everyone’s experiences and take this back to my own consultancy.

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