We are adding workshops!  In the fullness of time there will be a full range but for now we are getting started with "Introduction to Babywearing" and "Perfect Buckles".  These workshops last around 2 hours and really allow us to focus in on the topic, allowing you plenty of time to try for yourself in a cosy small group setting and come away really confident in which carrier or carriers will work for you and how to use them.


Introduction to Babywearing is aimed at expectant and new parents with no or very little previous carrying experience.  Perfect Buckles will best suit parents of 4-8 month olds who are looking to use a buckle carrier going forward, and will work equally well for those moving on from a newborn carrier (such as a stretchy wrap or caboo) and for those totally new to babywearing.

For more on each of these workshops and details of dates, times and costs please head over to our Workshops page.


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Trained and Insured Babywearing Consultant and owner of Sheen Slings Sling Library and Consultancy in South West London. Mother to 2 and former research scientist with a PhD in Immunology.

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