Kingston, Refurbing and the next few months here at Sheen Slings

It’s all change over the next few months here at Sheen Slings!

Firstly we are adding a new location – Kingston!  From May onwards the Children’s Centre are kindly giving me a monthly slot to come and run a Sling Library session.  Exact dates and times to follow, but there will be 1 session a month going forward.  And I couldn’t be more excited!  This is something I have wanted to do for a long time,… I have so many clients coming from Kingston, Surbiton, Hampton, Esher and further and I know that this is an area in need of a Sling Library, and now with Rachel almost at nursery age and with a great venue on board it has finally been possible.

Secondly, we are extending and refurbishing our home.  Well our downstairs specificly.  We’ve been planning this, thinking about it, slowly making it a reality since we bought this house 3 years ago.  I am equal parts terrified and can not wait for it all to start come April.  But it has impacts for Sheen Slings.  For the last 3 years I’ve run the majority of my Sling Library sessions from my home – and this has been fab, its allowed me to continue running the Library while pregnant, then with a very young baby through to a crazy running everywhere toddler.  For the next few months at least while the work is carried out I can’t continue to run these sessions from home.  Too much dust, noise and too little space!  So the last session at my home for a while will be Tuesday 19th March.  But fear not… Sling Library Drop In sessions will continue – I already run a monthly session at the Barnes Children’s Centre (67b Lower Richmond Road, Mortlake, SW14) on a Friday at 9.30-10.45see full dates and details here.   And as above there will be a new monthly session in Kingston going forward too!  The timing feels right to move these sessions away from my home and into the Childrens Centres, alongside other support for new parents.

Private consults will continue as normal, I can still come to clients homes and clients are still welcome to come to my home too – I will just ensure I arrange these at times when the builders aren’t making too much rackett (and/or mainly at weekends).   And likewise I am still very open to organising bespoke workshops so if you have a small group, who are all interested in learning more get in touch and I can come to you!



New time, Dates to the end of the year and good news for anyone who’d like a consultation in their own home.

20170728_130919Starting from October, the time of our sling library drop in sessions will be changing! Rather than the afternoons we will now be running 11am-1pm.

This is because this little gentleman will be starting school next week!  Can’t quite believe it, it seems like just yesterday he was still this tiny baby!!  We will be keeping our old afternoon slot our 19th of September session (while Tom is just doing half days), and then from October onward we will move onto the new 11am-1pm time.  Hopefully, this new time will be just as popular.  As ever these are drop in sessions so if you need to leave early to be home for a nap or arrive after a morning nap please do!  And please note feeding is always welcome at these sessions!  Milk feeds of course, but also solids if needed – I realise it is the lunch time slot!! So if your baby is already on solids please do bring their lunch or a snack – they will be very welcome to eat here if need be.


Sling library dates to the end of the year are as follows;

  • Tuesday 19th September, 2-4pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Tuesday 26th September, 10.30-11.30 am at B4U crawl, Kew Riverside School
  • Saturday 30th September, 10am-12pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Tuesday 3rd October, 11am-1pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Tuesday 17th October, 11am-1pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Saturday 28th October, 10am-12pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Tuesday 31st October, 10.30-11.30 am at B4U crawl, Kew Riverside School
  • Tuesday 7th November, 11am-1pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Tuesday 21st November, 11am-1pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Saturday 25th November, 10am-12pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Tuesday 28th November, 10.30-11.30 am at B4U crawl, Kew Riverside School
  • Tuesday 5th December, 11am-1pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Tuesday 19th December, 11am-1pm at Madeleine’s home
  • Tuesday 9th January, 11am-1pm at Madeleine’s home


In other news, the area I can offer consultations in clients homes is extending!  Previously, I was extremely limited to areas I could easily get to on public transport.   Which meant there were strange gaps – like Ham and Roehampton which I just couldn’t get to.   Next week our cargo bike arrives.  While mainly for the school run, this bike will also mean I can offer consults at clients home anywhere with in a 5 mile radius of East Sheen.  This includes the vast majority of the London boroughs of Richmond, Hammersmith, Hounslow and Wandsworth as well as some of Kingston and Wimbledon/New Malden.  And I can bring as many slings as I can fit into the bikes rather capacious cargo area (certainly a lot more than I could carry on the bus!) 😀  So if you are at all interested in a consultation in your own home please do get in touch.



Our Connecta Stock is here!!

I am so excited to announce the arrival of Connecta Baby Carriers for sale at Sheen Slings.  They join our small but growing number of slings for purchase from consultations, workshops and sling library sessions.which also include Hana Baby Stretchy wraps, Boba Stretchy wraps, Close Parent Caboo Lite, and Izmi Baby Carriers.

Connecta Baby Carriers have long been popular at the library, with many people hiring and a good deal going onto buy after that.  Now we are able to offer a true ‘try before you buy’… hire one of our 5 library Connecta, then if you like it and choose to buy from us we will deduct the cost of the hire (the cost of one standard 2 week hire) and you simply swap our hire Connecta for a brand new one of your choice.  Our stock includes both standard and petite strap Connecta in a choice of timeless Denim or a range of funky prints.



We are adding workshops!  In the fullness of time there will be a full range but for now we are getting started with “Introduction to Babywearing” and “Perfect Buckles”.  These workshops last around 2 hours and really allow us to focus in on the topic, allowing you plenty of time to try for yourself in a cosy small group setting and come away really confident in which carrier or carriers will work for you and how to use them.


Introduction to Babywearing is aimed at expectant and new parents with no or very little previous carrying experience.  Perfect Buckles will best suit parents of 4-8 month olds who are looking to use a buckle carrier going forward, and will work equally well for those moving on from a newborn carrier (such as a stretchy wrap or caboo) and for those totally new to babywearing.

For more on each of these workshops and details of dates, times and costs please head over to our Workshops page.