Ergo Aura Wrap Review

IMG_20171215_093451_875The Ergo Aura stretchy wrap is absolutely lovely.  Made from fibres extracted from Eucalyptus and Acacia, the Aura wrap is beautifully soft and one of the lightest wraps on the market.

Despite being ever so light, thin and soft the Aura is deceptively strong!  So strong in fact, it has rapidly become one of my 1 year old daughter’s favourite places to sleep.  Generally, I only expect a stretchy wrap to work well birth through till about 3-5 months, but the Aura is strong enough to work wonderfully from birth for as long as you want to use a stretchy wrap for.

The key to this strength is in the stretch of this wrap.  I would class this as a 1.5 way stretchy – it stretches only a little along its length (1.4x) but much more so along its width (2x).  Generally I tend to prefer wraps with 2 way stretch (stretches equally along the length and width), as these tend to be a little easier for new parents to learn.  However, the downside of that increased stretch is that these wraps are not as supportive and babies tend to grow out of them faster.  Wraps with 1 way stretch (stretching only along the width) usually last a lot longer but are harder to get the hang of tying because there is a narrower window between too tight and too loose.  What I really like about the Ergo Aura is that it walks the knife edge between ease of tying and supportiveness – it has the supportiveness and longevity of a 1 way stretchy wrap combined with being nearly as easy to tie as a 2 way stretchy.  It’s not quite as forgiving as a 2 way stretchy wrap but it’s honestly still as easy as pie to get the hang of and worth the trade for the extra longevity.

IMG_20171215_095358_829Two other factors also contribute to this wrap being as easy as pie to tie.  Firstly – its width. At 54cm wide this wrap finds the perfect balance between wide enough to spread nicely over baby and your shoulders and narrow enough to make it easy to handle and deal with while tying.  Secondly, contrast stitching.  The top and the bottom of the wrap are hemmed in different colours – one light and one dark.  It’s subtle enough that you need to look for it to see it, but it means that while your learning to tie your new wrap you can tell the top from the bottom and can immediately tell if you’ve twisted the wrap.  It’s such a tiny thing, but can make a big difference to a beginner and is a really a lovely touch from Ergo.

Another nice touch is the storage pocket positioned at one end, which you can simply scrunch or fold the whole wrap into to give 1 neat, very small package to slip into the change bag.  They’ve also cleverly sewn the warning label as the backing for the same pocket – this is clever because it helps stiffen the pocket helping it keep its shape better and keeps the warning label out of the way.  Often warning labels get in the way while wrapping and form this stiffer bit right about where you want to knot the wrap – by putting it right at the end over the pocket area, this issue is avoided.

All in all the Ergo Aura wrap is just lovely.  A great option for a summer baby, or for anyone who likes the idea of a light but strong wrap.  You can see more on how it compares to other stretchy wraps here.  Currently it comes in just 3 colourways including this gorgeous goes with everything grey stripe and costs £49.90.  We got ours directly from Ergo UK.






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