Tutorial; How to use the Mini Monkey Mini Sling

Quick and easy to use, the Mini Monkey Mini Sling is one of the absolutely smallest and lightest carriers out there.  Made from soft, breathable, ultra cool mesh it is an absolutely wonderful option for summer.  Perfect for around the house, quick trips out, on the beach or even as a just in case sling hiding in your back pocket!

But how do you use it?  Watch my video tutorial here;

The keys to sucess with this carrier are;

  • Don't give yourself too much to do! Start with the carrier reasonably tight... don't be tempted to have it really loose before putting baby in. Yes having it really loose will make getting them in really easy but it will give you so much tightening to do.
  • When tightening always support under baby's bum. Lift their bum up in one hand while you tighten with the other. This way your not fighting gravity and the sling is much easier to tighten and the end result much more supportive.
  • Spread the shoulder as feels comfortable. The strongest part of your shoulder is the outer part so often it feels most comfortable to have the middle part of the fabric sat on thie outer part of your shouler.
  • Remember that the strap at the back controls the size of the pocket. If baby is sitting too low, it is this strap that needs to be tightened (by supporting baby's weight in 1 hand while pulling the strap back toward baby with the other. If they are sitting too high, then it is this strap that needs to be loosened (by supporting baby's weight in 1 hand while working your fingers under the buckle and pushing upwards with the other).
  • The strap at the front tightens the top part of the carrier only.
  • Bring the top of the fabric right upto the top of baby's neck for a newborn or infant without head control, but for an holder baby you can leave the fabric behind the back of baby's shoulders or even directly under their arm pits. Ensure the top strap is tight enough that baby is snug against you and doesn't feel like their weight is pulling away.

Any questions or worries please do get in touch! If you are thinking of purchasing one of these you can find them in my webshop here, or find my full review here.

Happy Carrying!


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