What's the difference between a Private Consultation and Sling Clinic? Which one is best for you?

Private Consultations and the Sling Clinic sessions are my two most popular services and the two best ways to receive baby carrier help and advice with me. But how do you know which is best for you?

I talk through the differences here, or read on below for more...

Private consultations are the best way to get truly tailored advice.  These can take place in my home in East Sheen (SW14 7HU, which is close to Richmond SW London), in a clients home anywhere in SW or W London, and Surrey borders (anywhere within a 30 minute drive of SW14) or infact anywhere in the UK or in the world via Zoom.  You have my undivided attention and as much time and help as you need to really gain confidence and find the right techniques and carriers and slings that really work for you and your family. I can watch you try things on, see what does and doesn't work for you and make suggestions that are tailored and specific to your needs, yours and baby's body and the needs of any other family members who will be carrying also. Cost depends on where - and full details on price and what to expect can be found here for consultations in my home or clients, and here for online.

By contrast Sling Clinics are low cost, friendly groups sessions.  Each session is 1 hour in length and limited to 6-8 families.  They are social and fun and a great way of getting a flavour of what's out there and help with 1 particular thing.  They are fab for people who are happy in group settings and happy to try things without much help.  But they can be very overwhelming if you are nervous and if you have a great number of questions or want help trying several things as it is unlikely everything will be covered in a single session.   As I mentioned these sessions are low cost (£5 per family) and run at a loss - this is where I choose to donate my time and services and do so in a sustainable way that can reach as many families as possible so that those who need low cost can access this (and in fact for those who find £5 would act as a barrier to them coming, I will waive the cost entirely. No questions asked, anyone who needs this can message me and I will send them a code to allowing them to book for free).  Everyone is welcome and you are welcome to come back to multiple sessions if needed. Donations are always gratefully received as these really do help keep Sling Clinic running, but there is no expectation.

Still not sure? Check out my handy table...

Private Consults are Perfect for anyone who is:Sling Clinic is Perfect for anyone who:
New to babywearingHas some idea of what they would like to try
Unsure of what might be the best option for themWould like to see, try on and compare a couple of different brands
Is feeling overwhelmed by choiceWould like to hire a carrier and would like to be shown it quickly first
Has been gifted slings or carriers but are not confident using themHas one carrier already that they would like help with
Are wishing to learn to back carry for the first timeHas specific questions they’d like to ask
Unsure or gets flustered in group situationsAre happy learning in a busy small group format
Has additional needs or circumstances that may affect carrying (such as twins and multiples, severe back pain, reduced mobility, or a child who has additional needs such as low muscle tone, low birth weight, reflux, hip dysplasia, talpedes etc), as often we need to go off manual and we generally we need more time to ensure we find the right option to match your needs

If you have any questions about what is best for you please do get in touch!


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