"Give Wovens a Whirl" Package


Are you curious about wovens?  Like the idea of a woven wrap but not really sure what to buy, how on earth you would tie it if you did buy one, or if it would even work for you?

If this is you then our "Give Wovens a Whirl" package is perfect way for you to try a woven wrap and hit the ground running actually using one.  Giving you the option to properly test out using a wrap and how it works day to day for your family.  Package includes a 1 month postal hire and two 1:1 private consultations with Madeleine - one right at the outset to get you using the wrap right from from day 1 of your hire and a second a few weeks later as you progress to build on your knowledge and skills and to answer all your questions that come up as you try the wrap and consider whether or not wovens work for you.

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"Give Wovens a Whirl" is the perfect way to try wovens if you are totally new to woven wraps.  You don't need any previous experience or knowledge.  Just come with your curiousity and questions and we will go from there!

How it works:

You start by simply checking out above and then I'll be in touch to ask you a few questions, about the age and stage of your baby (or babies), and how you want to use a woven wrap.  What you'd like it to help you with.  I will then make suggestions for the most appropriate size and thickeness wrap for you to try based on your individual requirements and you can pick from the availaible suitable options.

I will then post that wrap out to you and we will set a date for your first one to one consulation.  This will be online via video (Zoom or What's App video call), although if you are local to me then we can do this face to face in my home instead.  During this first consultation I will go through technique step but step with you and ensure you feel completely confident using the wrap to carry your child in a way that meets your needs.  Whether that is on the front, or the back or hip - whatever suits your needs.  And I will answer all your questions.

Then you try your wrap and see how it goes.  Your 1 month hire starts from the day after your consultation, giving you a full month to trial it.  Undoubtly more questions will come up as you use the wrap.  This is where the second consultation comes in!  You can book that a couple of weeks later, right at the end of the month, or whenever feels most helpful for you.  I'll answer all your questions, and we can explore other ways of using the wrap too.  If you're considering purchasing your own we can talk about different sizes, thicknesses, blends, brands and everything and I'll happily help you find and source the right thing.

During your hire, between your two consultations (and even after the second) you'll be always welcome to send me an email with any quick questions, send photos for fit checks and have total reassurance of having your questions answered as they arise.

At the end of your 1 month hire you simply post the wrap back.  Or if you need it longer you can renew it at a discounted rate.

Indivdually, all these services in this bundle add upto well over £100, but you get all this for just £60.  Allowing you to comprehensively try woven wraps and hit the ground running with them without spending hours watching thousands of videos and reading hundreds of articles containing contridictory information and becoming totally confused about what might work for you personally!

Not local?

No problem - I will post the wrap to anywhere in the UK, and as the consultations are done online anyway this package is perfect for anyone based anywhere in the UK.

Already own a woven wrap?  Want the help without the hire?

No worries - you are welcome to book an online consult with me instead.  Full details here.  This package is designed with those completely new to wrapping in mind.  Although it can work well for anyone looking to back carry for the first time and prehaps wants to hire a shorter wrap for back carrying with.

Want to purchase as a gift?

This package makes a wonderful gift.  Just just let me know in the comments box at check out and I'll send you a gift card to give to the intended receipient.


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