Hat Clips


Made by our very own Madeleine, these ingenious double ended clips are great for babies, toddlers and young child alike.  Simply clip one end to their hat and the other end their clothes/baby carrier/buggy and hey presto ... never lose a hat again!


Designed after Madeleine lost 4 toddler hats in the space of 1 summer.   Hat clips were her solution hats falling off every few minutes and not necessarily noticing while wearing her son on her back.

They simply feature a pair of plastic clips (non toxic, BPA and PVC free) on either end of a length of cotton fabric.  Designed to clip on to baby carrier, babies clothes or a buggy at one end and then onto a hat, muslin, toy or literally any droppable item.  These will easily clip onto any of our slings or carriers.  Great for special toys or comfort blankets - anything that you take with you and baby that you don't want to lose!

Also brilliant for older children who are worried about losing their hat to the wind or needing to hold it on!

Please note that these are not a toy.  Our hat clips should not be left unattended with babies or children, adult supervision is always required.

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 1 cm

Orange dotty, Orange clip, Orange dotty, Red Clip, Orange Dotty, Cream Clip, Pink Dotty, Pink Clip, Pink Dotty, Mauve Clip, Charcoal Triangles, Black Clip, Charcoal Triangles, Beige Clip, Charcoal Triangles, Green Clip, Cream Triangles, Beige Clip, Cream Triangles, Cream Clip, Blue Dotty, Blue Clip, Blue Dotty, Green Clip, Blue Dotty, Black Clip, Navy Rainbow Hearts, Red Clip, Navy Rainbow Hearts, Purple Clip, Charcoal Squiggle, Black Clip, Charcoal Squiggle, light blue Clip, White Rainbow Hearts, Mauve Clip, White Rainbow Hearts, Blue Clip, White Rainbow Hearts, Red Clip, Outer Space, Purple Clip, Outer Space, Black Clip, Outer Space, Blue Clip, Grey Floral, Hot Pink Clip, Grey Spots, Grey Clip, Red Herringbone Woven, Red Clip, Pink Black Woven, Black Clip


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