MooMo Baby Leg Warmers


These beautiful soft cotton jersey baby leg warmers will keep baby's legs warm in the carrier.  No more cold shins as trousers ride up!  Available in baby or toddler size and in lightweight or lined or for extra warmth.

Pair with a MooMo Baby Hood for ultra snuggly warmth!


These beautiful leg warmers are made from ultra soft jersey cotton with rib elastic cuffs to help them stay in place.  Designed by mum of 2 Mo after she noticed her son's trousers tended to ride up while being worn in their carrier - these soft, light leg warmers are perfect for pulling under trousers or even popping over the top of baby's layers to keep everything else in place and ensure skin isn't exposed on chilly windy days.

We discovered these when my daughter went through a stage of always wanting to wear skirts or shorts but was newly potty trained and found tights too fiddly!  The material was so soft against her skin and she loved all the fun designs and patterns.  These are just fabulous for keeping legs warm during potty training.  And look gorgeous paired with shorts, skirts or a cloth bum.

Even when we aren't wearing a pair as the intended outfit for the day, I will often keep a pair in my going out bag just in case we need an extra layer.  Great for those for those classic UK days where your not sure if  if it's going to be warm or cold and the weather just can't seem to make its mind up.

We stock these in 2 sizes (baby and toddler) and 2 thicknesses (lightweight and jersey lined).  The baby size fits all the way from newborn through to 2 years of age - courtesy of the stretchy lightweight material that simply stretches as baby grows.  Likewise the toddler size will fit from roughly 1 year to at least 3 years old (this size still fits my tall, leggy almost 4 year old beautifully).  The lightweight leg warmers comprise a single layer of jersey and are perfect for spring and autumn or for when you just want to add an extra thin layer.  While the jersey lined ones have a second layer of jersey stitched in for added warmth and are a great choice for the winter months or cooler days.

Debating between legwarmers and babywearing socks?  See me compare them here:

Also want to keep baby's head and neck warm too?  MooMo Baby also make beautiful hoods to match!

Additional information

Weight 0.06 kg
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 2 cm
Size and Thickness

Baby - Lightweight, Baby - Jersey Lined, Toddler - Lightweight, Toddler - Jersey Lined


Mustard Leopard print, Rainbow, Polar Bears, Gold Bees, Orange Watermelons, Pink Owl, Blue Owl, Dinosaurs, Turquoise Parrots, Woodland Foxes, Oranges, Snow Foxes, Turquoise Gulls, Yellow Gulls, Blue Hedgehog, Green Hedgehog, Pebbles, Racing Cars, Scandi Forest yellow cuff, Scandi Forest Light Blue Cuff, Neutral Whales, Russian Dolls Purple Cuff, Lions Navy Cuff, Lions Yellow Cuff, Balloons, Teal Flamingos Pink Cuff, Teal Dancing Bears Grey Cuff, Blue Puffins Rust Cuff, Green Bugs Fuscia Cuff, Blue Fire Engines Red Cuff, Turquoise Toucans, Pastel Flamingos, Blue Zebras, Orange Zebra Print


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