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Book into one of our friendly, informal small group Sling Clinic sessions here.


Our friendly, informal, small group Sling Clinic sessions are perfect for anyone who;

  • Has some idea of what they would like to try
  • Would like to see, try on and compare a couple of different brands
  • Would like to hire a carrier
  • Has a carrier already that they would like help with
  • Has specific questions they'd like to ask
  • Are happy learning in a busy small group format

These sessions run in a small group format with no more than 7 families present at a time.  Sessions last 60 minutes and we pack alot into a short amount of time so please do try to come for the whole session if you can to ensure you get the most out of it!  Families with similar needs will be grouped to maximise the time you have to try, explore and receive personalised help and advice.  You are welcome to bring along carriers you already own and try anything in the library collection.  To help Madeleine ensure she has the best selection with her on the day and to help her organise and plan the session to ensure everyone's needs will be met please fill in the following Questionaire as well as purchasing your spot here.

Sling Clinic Booking Questionaire

Please note that these sessions work best for those who are happy learning in a group format, who like to see and learn from others.  Each family will have time to be shown or helped with 1 thing (either a carrier they already own, something from the collection or a specific questions or two).  If you find learning in a small group enviroment challenging, or if you totally new to babywearing and would like to explore different types of carriers for different situations, or have been fortunate enough to have been gifted several carriers that you would like help with it is unlikely we will have enough time during one session.  If this is you - you would likely benefit from booking a private consultation or online consultation instead, where we will be able to spend much more time and really be able to focus in depth on you and your babies needs.  If you are unsure whether Sling Clinic or a Private consultation would suit you back I explain in more depth here.

If cost of this session is a barrier to you please drop me an email to and I will send you a code to book the session for free. The aim of Sling Clinic sessions is to provide low cost help to anyone who needs it. While there is a charge to cover the cost of running these sessions, this can be waived for anyone who needs it if cost presents a barrier accessing sling help.  This is no questions asked, you won't be required to provide any proof or answer any questions.  I operate a trusted based system, so simply feel able to ask if you need it and I will send you a code allowing you to book without cost.

Additional information

Location and Date

Kingston Town - 6th Nov, 12-1pm, Kingston Town - 6th Nov, 1-2pm, Kingston Town - 4th Dec, 12-1pm, Kingston Town - 4th Dec, 1-2pm, Old Malden - 16th Oct, 1-2.30pm, Old Malden - 20th Nov, 1-2.30pm, Old Malden - 18th Dec, 1-2.30pm, Barnes - 11th Oct, 1-2pm, Barnes - 15th Nov, 1-2pm, Barnes - 13th Dec, 1-2pm


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