Bottle feeding in slings...

I posted the other week about how a good baby carrier can help support breastfeeding and I get asked about breastfeeding in sling pretty regularly, but the benefits of carrying your baby really aren't limited to breastfed babies.  Far from it!  I was reminded of this on Monday when I had a lovely family visit me forContinue reading "Bottle feeding in slings..."

Sheen Slings at Twickenham Green Breastfeeding Drop in on Tuesday 13th September

Wearing your baby can help support feeding your little one - prolonged skin to skin contact helps increase Oxytocin production stimulating milk production.  Likewise wearing them after feeds (whether breast or bottle) helps keep them upright and avoid discomfort of colic or reflux.   For anyone struggling with feeding at all, I'd highly recommend findingContinue reading "Sheen Slings at Twickenham Green Breastfeeding Drop in on Tuesday 13th September"

Moby Wrap Review

The first carrier I ever bought was a Moby wrap.  Before my son was born I asked around all my friends, I went to a sling library to learn about all the different types of baby carriers and came to the conclusion I should get a stretchy wrap.  This was absolutely the right choice forContinue reading "Moby Wrap Review"

High Street here I come...

Last month I had two consults within two days of each other that really stuck out for me.  In the first the couple had a carrier that one of them was really struggling to use.  I helped both build confidence with this carrier but ultimately while it fitted one of them well, it was simplyContinue reading "High Street here I come..."

Announcing our first Sling Library dates!

Starting Tuesday 16th February Sheen Slings will be hosting fortnightly Sling Library drop in sessions 2-4pm every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month and 10am-12pm on the last Saturday of each month at Madeleine's home 79 Lower Richmond Road, SW14 7HU. These sessions are free and open to all!  So if you'd like to try aContinue reading "Announcing our first Sling Library dates!"