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Ultra lightweight and incredibly easy to use, the Connecta's clever "less is more" design combines comfort, functionality and versatility into one tiny bundle.  Whether you're looking for a carrier soft enough for wearing around the home, or something supportive enough for a long walk the Connecta is a fabulous all rounder that works beautifully for babies from just a few weeks old to around 2 years of age.

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Genuinely one of the simplest carriers on the market, the Connecta has no frills, no fiddly bits, no inserts and no bulk!  This is an incredibly well designed minimal carrier, designed to be ultra-light without compromising on comfort.  It's soft flexible straps are able to mold to fit your body exactly to give a very even weight distribution.  Meaning that this carrier is supremely comfortable without all the padding, and will fit an absolutely huge range of parents shapes and sizes.  In particular, it gives a great fit to more petite parents that often struggle with other more bulky carriers on the market.

Made from light soft cotton, the Connecta works really well for babies from around 1 month of age right through to approximately 2 years of age.  Offering 3 carrying positions, adjustable width and multiple way of supporting baby's head as they sleep, ensuring baby is just as comfortable as you are.

As well as being light and cool to wear, this is a carrier that packs down into a very small neat bundle when not being worn.  Great for popping in the change bag or under the pram.  Making this carrier a great all rounder and brilliant lightweight option.

Key Features

    • Weight tested from 3.5 kg (7.5lb) to 24 kg (53 lb)
    • Realistically fits babies from just 4 weeks or so until approximately 2 years of age
    • Made from 2 layers of light soft cotton
    • Offers 3 carrying positions (front, hip and back)
    • Width can be adjusted to grow with baby using the included accessory strap
    • Integrated hood can be used for privacy, sun protection or rolled up for as an additional neck support pillow as needed.  Or, if not needed, inverted to great a storage pocket.
    • Barely there waistband and softly padded crossable shoulder straps ensure a great fit over a wide range of body shapes and sizes, men and women
    • Folds into a very compact bundle, perfect for popping into the changing bag or under the pram.

This carrier comes in two different strap lengths - Regular and Petite.  The padded part of the petite strap is 2 cm shorter compared to the regular length, and this small difference allows very petite parents to get a snugger fit when back carrying.  The vast majority of parents will not notice a difference between the two lengths and can happily use either, the difference is really only important for parents who are either particularly petite or particularly broad.  If you are particularly petite you will be better off with a petite strap and conversely if you have a broader frame you might find the regular strap gives you a bit more flexibility when it comes to fastening and tightening the straps.  If you are at all unsure about which to purchase please get in contact and I can advise (and/or arrange for you to hire first to be sure).

You can read our full review of this carrier here.

Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 27 × 20 × 8 cm
Strap length

Regular Straps, Petite Straps


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