Fiddle Beads Teething Necklace


Perfect for distracting nosy, fiddly babies while being fed or carried - saving your hair from being pulled and your skin scratched!  These clever little silicon and wood beads are great for chewy gums and little exploring hands, and they look fabulous too!


Fiddle beads fiddle necklaces are designed to keep your little ones eyes and hands occupied whilst being worn or nursing.  Mum Hayley started making these beautiful necklaces when her breastfed daughter was pinching and pulling at her all the time when feeding.  She was easily distracted, nosy and pulling off at every little sound.  The colourful beads were the perfect answer to keep her attention at the breast and also keeping her hands and fingers occupied and save me from pinching and pulling.

When I met Hayley I was having the exact same issue - my daughter would claw me during feeds and likewise while being carried.  I bought a couple of her beautiful necklaces and found that wearing a fiddle beads necklace gave my daughter something to hold onto while being carried and something to twiddle with and palpate while feeding and really saved me all the scratches!

Even now my daughter is older I love wearing these necklaces, I find them really relaxing to fiddle with myself when I feel anxious or nervous!  I know people who have found them for anxious friends or even elderly relatives for much the same reason.

Made from food safe silicone or saliva resistant tested wooden beads, Fiddlebeads necklaces have been independently safety tested and conform to SEN71 1-3 for your total peace of mind.  Please note that these are not a toy and not designed to be worn by anyone under the age of 14.

Additional information

Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 cm

Silicone, Wood


Monochrome Hexagons, Rainbow Circles, Large Rainbow beads, Autumn tones Hexagons, Pastel Hexagons, Rainbow Hexagons, Natural hexagons and coloured circles, Triangle pendant, Oval Pendant dark beads, Oval Pendant Light beads, Engraved I Carry you Always Pendant, Wooden Ring


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