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No clips, buckles or ties.  If you are looking for a super easy baby carrier that works right from newborn then the Marsupi is a fantastic option.  Its ultralight weight, soft and unbelievably simple to use with its clever velcro straps - giving baby a fantastically fast, secure and comfortable carry in seconds.  Rent it to try before you buy or rent for the whole 4th trimester before moving onto a next step option. 


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Key Features

  • Weight tested from 3.5 to 15 kg (7.7 to 33 lbs)
  • Realistically works best 0-12 months
  • Made from 100% Organic Cotton with velcro fastenings
  • Material is soft and very lightweight - the whole carrier weighs just 350g.
  • Super simple to use, clever velcro fastenings make using this carrier unbelievably easy
  • Ideal for parents with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or limited hand/wrist movement
  • Ideal for parents who feel very nervous about tying or clipping up a carrier while holding baby
  • Soft unpadded supportive waist and crossing shoulder straps that are not at all bulky or overly wide, but molds to give parent a great fit and fantastic weight distribution
  • Includes a "sizing band" to adjust the width to accomodate newborns and smaller babies
  • Features an adjustable integrated headrest or neck support that poppers into position for supporting newborns or older babies as they sleep.
  • Offers 2 carrying positions - front inwards and hip

The Marsupi is a great option for anyone who wants a soft, close option for carrying right from newborn but are put off by the tying, steps and faff involved with wraps.  Or for anyone who has limited hand/wrist movement or strength and struggles with clips found on other carriers.  The Marsupi's cleverly designed velcro makes getting a secure, comfortable, cozy carry an absolute doddle.  And it's soft 100% organic cotton fabric means this carrier is lightweight, breathable.  It combines the softness of a wrap with the secure structure of a carrier, making it an great choice for a first carrier.

You can find my full video review of the Marsupi here.

Size Guide:

Choose the size of your Marsupi based on the size of the adults who will be wearing it. The best way to choose size is to measure the waist of each parent or caregiver who will be using the carrier;

  • S/M - Fits waists between 65-100cm.  Works best for petite parents and those who comfortably wear UK womens size 10 and below, or mens size S and below.
  • L - Fits waists between 75 and 105cm.  Fits most women and men.
  • XL - Fits waists between 85 and 120cm.  Works best for larger frames and those with plus-sized waist measurements.

The sizes overlap generously, most people will find they can wear more than one size equally well.  If sharing a carrier between more than 1 adult, choose the size that fits both parents waist measurement.  If not planning to share and you are unsure which size to go for, opt for the size you are most in the middle of the sizing windows to ensure you have the greatest velcro overlap.  For instance I am a UK size 12 with a waist measurement of 85 cm and I can wear both S/M and L equally well, but I get slightly better velcro overlap with the L so if purchasing only for myself I would buy the L.  But either work equally well on me.   If you are unsure about what size is the best to try, you are welcome to message me with your waist measurements and I'll be happy to advise.

Hire it and see how it works for you.  If you love it, you can purchase your own here and those that hire first will receive a £7 discount code they can use against the price of a new one.  Or choose a 12 week hire to rent for the whole 4th trimester - great if you already have a carrier for when baby is bigger and this saving both the planet and your wallet from bying something new that you'll only need for a few months.

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 11 × 8 cm

S/M, L, XL


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Rental information

Rent for 2, 4 or 12 weeks. Date selected will be the date the carrier will be posted for and should arrive on or near that date. In case of post taking a little longer, just let us know and your full 2, 4 or 12 week hire will be honoured from the date the carrier arrived with you. Return date is the date you post back - you do not need to post early to arrive back by that date. If you wish to collect in person from my home (SW14 7HU), please select the date you wish to collect on, and then select local collection at check out. If the date you'd like to collect on isn't showing, please get in touch as it will likely be possible to arrange a short notice collection.

During your hire if you have any questions or worries please do get in touch. If you'd like to send a photo or two for a quick fit check please do!

Please note that slings and carriers are extremely safe when used properly, however misuse can cause injury to yourself or your child. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are using the sling correctly and that you and your child are safe at all times when using the sling. If you are at all worried or concerned at all please do get in touch and ask for help. Sheen Slings cannot be held responsible for any accident that results in injury or death whilst the sling is in your care.

You remain responsible for the sling or carrier for the duration of your hire. Loss or damaged will be charged at cost of replacement so please look after the carrier and treat it as you would something of your own. That said, normal wear and tear is expected so please do feel able to use it fully and there is no need to wash before sending it back as I rewash everything on return.

If you need to wash, this sling can be machine washed at 30 degrees with a liquid detergent and then line dried. For small posset marks it can be quicker and easier to simply spot clean with a soft damp cloth.

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