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Fabulous for keeping an eye on your child while back carrying or checking in on their expressions while carrying facing outwards.  These little circular mirrors feature a retractable string and a clip allowing you to clip it onto your carrier or clothes so you don't lose it and its always handy and ready to use!  Works with carriers and slings of all types and styles.

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Want to be able to check if your baby has fallen asleep on your back?  Or check that they are still comfortably positioned?  Or check their facial expression while carrying outwards?

A Sling Mirror is the perfect answer!  These little circular mirrors will clip on to carriers and slings of all types (or even onto your clothes) and feature a retractable string - allowing you to pull them out to check in on baby as often as you need to while out and about.  No more needing to try and take an awkard angle photo on your phone or needing to bend down to check baby in car wing mirrors!

Made by fellow babywearing parent and work from home mum Hattie, I genuinely wish I had had one when I was learning to back carry!  Choose between ones with the Sheen Slings logo on the reverse or ones featuring patterned woven wrap fabric.

See how they work here;

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Weight .03 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1.5 cm

Sheen Slings - Lime Green Clip, Sheen Slings - Forest Green Clip, Sheen Slings - Yellow Clip, Sheen Slings - Navy Clip, Sheen Slings - Black Clip, Purple Star - Black Clip, Blue Feathers - Black Clip, Purple and Pink Feather shafts - Black Clip, Black leaves on Purple and Blue - Black Clip, Golden and Blue Feathers - Black Clip, Olive diamonds - Black Clip, Black leaves on hot Pink - Black Clip, Red Flower - Red Clip, Blue and Purple pattern - white clip, Black Feathers on Blue - Black Clip, Blue and Green pattern - green clip, Blue and Green pattern - black clip, Blue Paisley - black clip, Blue and Pink feathers - black clip, Blue and Grey pattern - blue clip, Red feathers - black clip, Blue Feathers - black clip, Yellow and Red Swirl - yellow clip, blue, purple and green pattern - green clip, blue and yellow flower - yellow clip, blue and gold diamond pattern - blue clip


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