Woven FAQ – What size wrap do I need?

Buying your first woven wrap – deciding what to buy – can often be the most intimating part of wrapping.  There is a startling array of different brands, blends and designs.  It can be terrifying to work out where to start!  ‘Woven FAQ’ is my attempt to answer some of the questions I am asked theContinue reading “Woven FAQ – What size wrap do I need?”

Carrying your child with a broken leg (and other special circumstances)

One of the best parts of Carry On London for me was the Continuing Professional Development courses – in particular the one on babywearing and disabilities. While something my training touched upon, it was really great to have the opportunity to explore specific circumstances in much greater detail. In particular we looked at adapting carriersContinue reading “Carrying your child with a broken leg (and other special circumstances)”

TwinGo Carrier Review

There are very very few decent dedicated Twin baby carriers on the market, and seeing one in the flesh isn’t easy.  So when the opportunity to host the Travelling TwinGo carrier came up I jumped at it – both as a chance to try this carrier out for myself and to enable some local twin parentsContinue reading “TwinGo Carrier Review”

Toddler Connecta Review

For me, Connecta Baby carriers are really quite different. Most other buckle carriers in the library are pretty similar in terms of construction. Sure they all have different bells and whistles and all fit slightly differently because of different strap placements, shaping and contouring of the waist belt, straps and carrier body. But really theyContinue reading “Toddler Connecta Review”

Hana Baby Wrap Review

I love stretchy wraps for the newborn stage, they are so snuggley, soft and comforting during that 4th trimester period. And of all the stretchy wraps I have ever tried, the organic Hana Baby Wrap is one of my absolute favourites.  I hadn’t heard of it when my son Tom was born but it wasContinue reading “Hana Baby Wrap Review”

Moby Aria Review (Updated!)

I originally reviewed the Moby Aria shortly after it came out in May 2015. I have included that review below, and as you will see I really liked it. But a year and a bit later as a library carrier, the Moby Aria has not weathered well at all. While I still really like manyContinue reading “Moby Aria Review (Updated!)”

Which Caboo? Plus, Organic or Lite/NCT?

One of the questions I am asked most frequently asked is “What is the difference between the  Caboo+ Organic and the NCT Caboo?”  Usually, I bite my tongue to stop myself replying “about £15”.  Because of course that would be crass! And not particularly helpful as there are a number of differences.  And to makeContinue reading “Which Caboo? Plus, Organic or Lite/NCT?”

Moby Wrap Review

The first carrier I ever bought was a Moby wrap.  Before my son was born I asked around all my friends, I went to a sling library to learn about all the different types of baby carriers and came to the conclusion I should get a stretchy wrap.  This was absolutely the right choice forContinue reading “Moby Wrap Review”

What is a Caboo?

First time I was handed a Caboo I had a bit of a “But what is it??!?” moment?  Is it a stretchy? A ring sling? A carrier or what?! Officially it is a ‘Stretchy Hybrid’.  This means it is like a stretchy wrap in terms of the material used and the way baby is carried once inContinue reading “What is a Caboo?”

Sleepy Nico Carrier Review

Recently Sheen Slings have had the pleasure of hosting Sleepy Nico’s beautiful travelling toddler carrier, which is doing a tour of sling libraries all over the UK.  I’ve never had a Sleepy Nico carrier before and right out of the package I loved it.  I love the pairing of the georgous cotton print fabric withContinue reading “Sleepy Nico Carrier Review”