Beauden the Label Baby Carrier Honest Review

Beauden the Label Review

I was really excited to try this carrier.  From the images on their website it looks just the Artipoppe but at nearly half the price, potentially a more wallet friendly alternative?  I am so glad I got a chance to try it before taking the plunge and purchasing one.  

On its own merits, it is NOT worth the £165 price tag.  There are so many carriers around this cost or less that are better made than this carrier, that deliver more flexibility and fit more adults, more different sized bodies than this carrier.  This carrier feels cheaply made and doesn't feel like it would last long before it started to fall apart.  

You can see exactly what I mean in my full video review and full demo and run through of this carrier here;

And there are more photos at the bottom of this blog too.

When compared the Beauden the Label to the Artipoppe (which really does feel well made), there is just no comparision. I am starting to have a new found respect for the Artipoppe!  While 2x the price ... its much more than 2x better made.  Fabric feels stronger, build quality is far far far better.  And while I still maintain the Artipoppe is overpriced for what it is (more on that here), the Beauden sling actually offers far worse value for money.

All in all the Beauden the Label sling feels like a really cheap knock off.  I probably wouldn't have judged it so harshly at £80 but at £165 it honestly feels like a bit of a rip off. Particularly when you compare it to the likes of the Ergobaby Omni Breeze, the Manduca XT, the Tula Explore - which are all around the same price, but well made and offer parents so much more! Or the Beco Gemini that retails at around £80 and is brilliant and again really well made!

Have you tried one of these?  Or were you thinking about purchasing one of these?  Let me know your thoughts below!


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