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The Tula Explore is a brilliant, softly structured carrier designed to grow with your family.  Taking you and baby from just 4 weeks all the way thorugh to 2 years old, the Explore offers 3 carrying positions - front inward, front facing outward and back carry position.  It works beautifully for parents of many different shapes and sizes - including both very petite and plus sized parents - owing to its super simple to use, easily adjustable straps. Perfect for parents and carers of different shapes and sizes sharing a carrier.


Want a particular colour but don't see it in stock?  Drop us a message and we can order it in!


The Tula Explore is a fabulous option for anyone looking for a carrier that will last into toddlerhood, want to have the option to face baby outwards when ready, and are most comfortable with the straps in ruck sack style.  The Tula Explore shares a lot in common with the Ergobaby Omni Breeze and Omni Dream - in terms of lasting a long time, similar levels of padding and offering front inwards, front outwards and back carries.  The main differences are that the Tula Explore has a softer panel, and feels softer in hand compared to the Ergobaby Omni models.  It also is a little simpler to use due the absence of buckles to up at the shoulder straps. The strap configuration also tends to fit both very petite parents and plus sized parents slightly better than the Omni too, and is easier for parents of very different shapes and sizes sharing one carrier. The flip side to this is that while simpler and easier for sharing, it offers a little less flexibility compared to the Omni as it doesn't offer a hip carry or the ability to cross the straps across the parents back.  As such this carrier works best for parents who prefer the ruck sack configuration and don't see themselves using a hip carry anyway.

Key Features;

  • Weight tested from 3.2 kg (7 lb) to 20 kg (45 lb)
  • Realistically fits babies from around 4 weeks through to around 2 years of age
  • Made from 100% cotton, the Explore is soft to the touch.
  • Offers 3 carrying positions – front inward, front facing outward and back carry position.
  • Its width and height can be simply adjusted through poppers which means this carrier grows with baby without the need for an infant insert or any overtly fiddly bits.
  • Buttons at the front make swapping between inwards and outward carrying positions very simple and easy to do without needing to take baby out or put them down first
  • Soft leg padding and a softly padded neck support pillow, combined with very soft flexible panel ensures total comfort for baby
  • For the parent it has a fairly wide and firmly padded sturdy waistband, and it’s shoulder straps are bulky but soft and moldable.  The long webbing but short padded part means this carrier is one that can fit both women and men very well and both the petite and the plus sized.  Straps are designed to be worn “rucksack” or H style, and do not cross across the back.
  •  Includes a detachable hood and a pocket on the waistband for small things like phone and keys.

Find my full video review of the Tula Explore here.

Unsure if this carrier would work for you? - Consider hiring it first (I offer discounts to all who hire first so you don't lose out if you decide to try before you buy!)

Don't see the colour you prefer in stock?  If you see a colour in the gallery or on Tula UK but its not currently in stock, please message me!  I can order any colour in on demand and you can still benefit from free video fits etc. Generally, it takes around a week - however, if you have a carrier on hire with me I will extend it for free to cover the time taken so you aren't left carrierless while you wait for it to arrive!


Additional information

Weight 1.15 kg
Dimensions 27 × 23 × 16 cm

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