How do I breast or chest feed in a Woven Wrap

There are so so many ways to breast or chestfeed in a woven wrap. And how to do it will greatly depend on;

  • how long your wrap is
  • how you feel most comfortable feeding, i.e cross body/cross cradle, rugby ball, or more upright?
  • How you and your baby fit together! Length of both of your respective torsos, where your nipples line up relative to this. If your nipples point to the left, right, straight forward... different on both sides (which is totally normal btw)
  • How much support you need and where you most need that support

As such, feeding in any wrap or sling will look different on everyone - because it is hugely personal.

All of which means it is really hard to make a video or write a blog on how to do it because its different for everyone. Instead this is something I usually work with clients one to one to make suggestions and/or give them ideas and the confidence to experiement with at home and find what works for them.

But I have made 1 video (below), of just one method! Using a long woven wrap, starting from Front Wrap Cross carry here is how to move to a cross body, cross cradle feeding position. I made this video as a reminder for a client who tried a few different techniques and this is the one that worked for her.  And I share it as inspiration for others, just in case it helps you. But if it doesn't, or you try it and it doesn't feel right, or you prefer a different position or your wrap isn't long enough.... please don't be disheartened! There are so many other methods! Instead, get in touch and I can work with you (online or in person) to help you find what does work best for you!

Hope it helps!


(PS if you are watching this thinking "but how do I tie by woven wrap like this?", check out my Front Wrap Cross Carry tutorial here).

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