Getting your baby onto your back and into a rucksack carry with a woven wrap

Back carrying with a woven wrap. How to get your baby onto your back and into a rucksack carry using the hip scoot method.

Kangaroo Front Carry with a woven wrap tutorial

The Kangaroo Carry has always been my absolute favourite woven wrap carry. It was the first front carry I really mastered and the one that won me over to the comfort of woven wraps. I loved the comfort across the shoulders and the closeness with baby. I loved how he'd always sleep on me inContinue reading "Kangaroo Front Carry with a woven wrap tutorial"

Tutorial - Front Wrap Cross Carry with a Long Woven Wrap

If you've never used a woven wrap before, Front Wrap Cross Carry is a great place to start.  This carry is a true all rounder, it is supportive and easily adaptable so it works really well whether you are carrying a tiny newborn or a much older child.  Once you've mastered this carry it isContinue reading "Tutorial - Front Wrap Cross Carry with a Long Woven Wrap"

Tutorial - Robins Hip Carry with a Woven Wrap

The Robins hip carry is one I used a lot with both my children. It's a wonderfully comfortable carry that works brilliantly for little babies and giant toddlers alike. And every age and size in between. I used this carry so much because it is quick and easy! This is because you pre-tie it soContinue reading "Tutorial - Robins Hip Carry with a Woven Wrap"

Carrying Stories - Mairi: 1 boy, 4 slings and a whole lot of practise

Carrying your baby is such a personal thing – people carry for different reasons and different carriers suit different people.  Here is Mairi's story…. Pre-pregnancy I’d never even heard of a baby wrap let alone know there was a whole industry dedicated to them. Sure, they cropped up on my radar during pregnancy but inContinue reading "Carrying Stories - Mairi: 1 boy, 4 slings and a whole lot of practise"

FAQ - How do I wash my carrier?

When it comes to babies shit literally can happen!  As can milky sick, serious quantities of drool and various dropped foodstuffs of all kind!  Correspondingly, all the slings in the library collection are ones that are easy peasy to wash!  There are some absolutely lovely wool, silk and other slings out there and available to thoseContinue reading "FAQ - How do I wash my carrier?"

Vatanai Opportunity Heartbeat Review

Only the second Vatanai wrap I have ever tried, what struck me most about Opportunity Heartbeat is that it is completely and utterly different to Gaia Labrinth. Heartbeat is a proper heavy weight wool blend, - 47% Egyptian Cotton, 46% Merino Superwash Wool and 7% tencel - with what Vatanai call a "tri-weave".  Which means ratherContinue reading "Vatanai Opportunity Heartbeat Review"

Vatanai Gaia Labrinth Review

This wrap is unlike anything I've ever tried before! It's absolutely stunningly beautiful.  I've had the good fortune to try a good number of stunning wraps before, but where this one is different is the slubs. Slubs arise when the threads used to make the wrap is of uneven thickness ... leading to some bigContinue reading "Vatanai Gaia Labrinth Review"