Lenny Lamb Woven Wrap


Lenny Lamb woven wraps offer absolutely fantastic value for money.  Made from 100% cotton these wraps are sumptiously soft yet super strong - making them perfect for tiny newborns, growing toddlers and even larger preschoolers and beyond.  These wraps really will last for as long as you wish to carry for, and last through multiple children too.


Lenny Lamb woven wraps genuinely offer fabulous value for money. These wraps truly work brilliantly for tiny newborns (even those born early) all the way through to growing toddlers and giant preschoolers or even those starting school.  Made from 100% cotton, these wraps are soft and floppy and lovely to use right from the packet and don't require a "breaking in" period.  Making them a great choice for beginners and experienced wrappers alike. And the material is strong - strong enough for carrying an older baby and child but also strong enough to last years and years through multiple children. Meaning you can use it for your family and then sell or gift it on.  Truly making these wraps fantastic value for money. 

Key Features:

  • 100% cotton, relatively thin (~200-220 gsm, more on gsm and thickness here)
  • Feature a "broken twill" weave, which is ultra soft and smooth to the touch
  • Realistically works brilliantly right from newborn through to as long as you want to carry.  Relatively thin, soft material means this works brilliantly for newborns but still more the strong enough for older toddlers too.
  • Tie it to fit you and baby exactly!
  • Graduated colours or stripes mean that these wraps are beginner friendly as you can easily see different parts of the wrap helping you to get the hang of tightening and to easily see if you've twisted the wrap
  • Complies to the EU safety standard PD CEN/TR 16512:2015 and to the ASTM F2907 - 19 standard.

Find all my woven wrap tutorials to date here.  And not sure if a woven wrap is for you or not?  Hire one first and see how you get on.  Then if you do love it and decide to purchase you're own I'll offer you a £10 discount off the purchase price too, so you don't lose out to try before you buy!

Don't see the colour you prefer in stock?  If you see a colour or print in the gallery or Lenny Lamb's own website but its not currently in stock, please message me!  I can order any colour in on demand and you can still benefit from free video fits etc, and I handle all customs fees and taxes so you don't have to worry about import charges verses ordering direct.  Generally, it takes around a week - however, if you have a wrap on hire with me I will extend it for free to cover the time taken so you aren't left slingless while you wait for it to arrive!


Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 32 × 17 × 9 cm



Airglow, Promenade, Carousel of Colours


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