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Hardwearing yet super soft, lightweight yet wonderfully strong and supportive... Lenny Lamb Ring Slings offer absolutely fantastic value for money.  They last and last, through multiple children and from newborn all the way to toddlerhood and beyond.  Making a Lenny Lamb ring sling a perfect choice for anyone looking for a quick, easy, packs down small option for carrying their little one.


Lenny Lamb make amazing quality slings and carriers at really very reasonable prices and their Ring Sling is no exception to this.  Made from their beautiful durable-yet-soft, lightweight-yet-strong, hardwearing, easy to care for woven wrap fabric, their ring slings offer a quick, easy, packs down small alternative to their woven wraps and more structured carriers.

Ring slings are fabulous for feeding on the go, wearing around the home without feeling like you are wearing a big contraption, and really shine as a "just in case baby needs a carry option" because they pack down small to easily fit in a bag or under the pushchair and then when you need it you simply slip it over your head, pop baby in and tighten it up through the ring.  While this is true for all ring sling, the Lenny Lamb ring sling is a fabulous choice in particular because you don't need to choose between price and quality!  The longevity of these slings is truly impressive - they work equally well for tiny newborns as for rapidly growing heavy toddlers and they are so well made they will last through several children, meaning you can get years and years of use out of these slings making them exceptional value for money.


Key Features:

  • 100% cotton woven fabric
  • Realistically works brilliantly right from day 1 through to toddlerhood and beyond: brilliant for keeping newborns close when they want to be carried all the time, then amazing as they develop into curious babies who want to be able to see everything and fantastic for older babies and toddlers who want to come up for a quick cuddle and then go down again (and then come up again, and then down again...!).
  • Quick and easy to put on making it a great option for when you need to be fast.
  • Easy adjustment through the rings makes this great for breastfeeding on the go
  • Folds down small enough to easily fit in a bag, under the buggy or even can be worn as a pretty scarf while not in use.
  • Weight tested to 15 kg (33 lb) and complies to the EU safety standard PD CEN/TR 16512:2015 and to the ASTM F2907 - 19 standard.

Find my full review of the Lenny Lamb Ring Sling here, and you can find my Ring Sling tutorial here.  If you are new to ring slings or unsure if a ring sling would suit you, you can hire one first to try before you buy (and as I offer discounts to those who hire first, you won't lose out to do this!).

Then all you need to do is choose a colour!  Stripes and colour graduations are a fantastic option for total beginners or anyone feeling nervous as the stripes really help you see the different parts of the wrap and get the hang of tightening.  The stripe and colour grads are also made from thinner cloth, which again is great for beginners and also for anyone who tends to run hot.  While the fancy designs are generally slightly thicker and fabulous for anyone who wants something slightly stronger and/or loves the glorious designs!

Don't see the colour you prefer in stock?  If you see a colour or print in the gallery or Lenny Lamb's own website but its not currently in stock, please message me!  I can order any colour in on demand and you can still benefit from free video fits etc, and I handle all customs fees and taxes so you don't have to worry about import charges verses ordering direct.  Generally, it takes around a week - however, if you have a wrap on hire with me I will extend it for free to cover the time taken so you aren't left slingless while you wait for it to arrive!

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 8 cm

Airglow, Promenade, Pastels, Rapunzel, Rainforest Nocturnal


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