Decision Fatigue! And how I can help...

Decision Fatigue is something I learnt about recently and wanted to share with you because it is something that we all encounter everyday and understanding about it and why it happens can really help... The phrase "decision fatigue" describes the idea that your ability to make good quality decisions - weighing up all the prosContinue reading "Decision Fatigue! And how I can help..."

What Entering Tier 2 means for Sheen Slings Services

As of Saturday London entered Tier 2 or "High" Covid Alert level. While this means all kinds of things for myself and my family in terms of who we can and can't see socially, where and when. It actually doesn't change much with respect to Sheen Slings and the services I can currently offer. AsContinue reading "What Entering Tier 2 means for Sheen Slings Services"