Nuna Cudl Review

Nuna Cudl review

A lovely mum contacted me via facebook asking what I thought of the Nuna Cudl. She had one but wasn't sure she could get it to work so very kindly sent it to me to review.

Made by well known pushchair manufacturer's Nuna, the Cudl is absolutely massive!!! It promises an all singing all dancing newborn to toddler, 3.5kg to 16kg, carrier that offers 3 carrying positions - inwards, outwards and back carry.  Realistically, however, most people will find it won't last them anywhere near that long.  It's massive, it's bulky, it's not easy to get a comfortable fit with, and realistically most babies won't fit it until around more like 6-8 weeks and then the max width of the seat means they'll likely grow out of with in a year.  

It does offer all those positions but switching between them is a faff and harder than when you compare to other carriers that retail for a similar price.  

The Tula Explore (find my review here, rent it here), the Ergobaby Omni Breeze (find my review here, rent it here) and the Beco Gemini (find my review here, rent it here) are all more flexible than this carrier, all fit a wider range of parents shapes and sizes, are more comfortable, fit babies for longer, and are easier to switch between positions as baby grows and matures.  Combined with the fact the manual is really confusing and makes some really quite dodgy recommendations at some points...  I really can't see myself ever recommending anyone purchase this carrier.  Particularly not when you consider price - this carrier retails at £150. The Tula Explore at £155, the Ergobaby Breeze £175 and the Beco Gemini at just £80. You get far better value for your money with any of these carriers over the Cudl, as they all last longer and give so much more flexibility of fit and use.

Watch my full review and demo of the Nuna Cudl here

If you do have one and need some help getting it as comfortable and well adjusted as possible, please get in touch. I'd love to help. Or if you are researching it please do check out my alternative suggestions above and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


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